Our History

Our Company has its roots in the first dell’800 Airola, a small town of Valle Caudina in the Province of Benevento (Campania), behind the famous ‘Caudine Forks':
where the ancient Samnites, with driving Caio Ponzio, in 321 BC , Defeated the Romans and umiliarono by passing the whole army and consuls official game under the fork (two lance placed vertically and horizontally placed lower the height of a man and hence the name ‘forculare’) to Samnites presence of warriors ready to dileggiarli and punish those riottosi as recalls Tito Livio in the History of Rome.
One of our avo, Cosimo Maria Izzo, worked meat commerciandone their skins already back in 1843, as mentioned in his marriage.

Subsequently, from father to son, towards the end dell’800, Cosimo married Matilda Laudanna, and when he had bought an old mansion house in the nearby and most important center of Airola in Milan n.8 (still based lawyer) There he moved with his family and also with its work on the trade in raw skins of sheep and goat (the company was called Izzo Cosimo and children), also became commissioner of government for collecting the same up to Cassino in the fascist period.

Cosimo and Matilde had seven children in three women (Luigia, Giovannina and Josephine) and four males. All initially collaborated in the work, especially males, Domenico who graduated in Law in Naples becoming lawyer, Arcangelo who enlisted in the Navy becoming Captain Carmine who graduated Surveyor, Pasquale who dedicated the Company.

In November 1943, unfortunately, now at the end of the Second World War, for a trivial infection Cosimo died and work was continued by his sons but above all, with the leadership of elder brother Avv. Domenico, by Pasquale, which was headed the company and with the help of the ‘cart’, some horse and Sebastiano first collaborators, John and Gabriel began the collection, as well as ovo-goat hides, skins and veal that meanwhile began to be killed even in countries contermini.

Over 70 years also began the collaboration of grandchildren di Pasquale, Dr. Veterinary Archangel, Dr. Sergio, who then devote successfully to the medical profession, and Avv. Cosimo, which intensified especially after the death April 18 of 1980, Dad never enough of these late Avv. Domenico, who gave the first real impetus avviandola the Company to become a strong point of reference in the sector in the province of Benevento in Campania first and then.

Meanwhile alongside dell’Antica Company, Cav. Izzo Pasquale, it was born another headed to Prof. Trani Beatrice (Wife of Domenico), which merging in 1984 gave life to IZZO skins SRL that with the passing of years, grew increasingly production and itself from the province of Benevento on other provinces of Campania first, and then Lazio, Molise and Puglia.

Sales expanded from Naples to Solfora in S. Cross Sull’Arno (IP) and Arzignano and Valle del Chiampo (VI) and abroad.

It began with the first export to Spain goat and sheep skins for fur, then with an export-import of nappa leather for both raw and in wet-blue. Then came the export of sheepskin in Greece.

Meanwhile the company, growing in the mid-90 began the process of relocation participating in the ‘Pact of Territorial Benevento Province’ and identified as the seat productive area PIP Street Dominic Izzo, (one of the founders the Company at the beginning of 1900, the Provincial Council of Benevento, and in which the municipality of Airola has dedicated the road), acquired in 1996 about 25,000 sqm. of land near the national road Appia, (the ancient Roman road ‘Queen Viarum’) near the Caudine Forks, and began implementing the new settlement on 4,000 square meters. covered with earth and crying 2500 sqm. the first floor.

On the ground floor were made 600 sqm. of cold rooms divided into three compartments, 1700 sqm. for the filing and processing of crude oil, 1700 sqm. Tannery for launching such a transformation and evolution of its business; the first floor offices are located, the guest house, the house of caretaker, and ca 2000 mt. processing and storage of finished products.

Unfortunately October 26, 2002 after a long illness died uncle Pasquale, simple man, probo, wise, paternal with everyone, fortissimamente work-related and family and always had an extraordinary relationship of affection and collaboration with his brother Dominic (which considered a father) and his nephew Cosimo (who see a child).

Even today the Company lacks the physical presence and suggestions by Domenico and Pasquale, but their teachings, their feelings, their enlightened guidance and aleggerà hangs on employees, on manegement and property.

Meanwhile to the production of Cosimo, Archangel, collaborators Michele, Lina, Grace and employees Vincenzo, Mimì, Franco, Michele, Vincenzo, Michele, John, Pasquale, Michael, Mario, Anthony and others, adds es’ intensifies full-time also to Domenico, son of Cosimo (pending the arrival of the second genito Pierpaolo) and increases the production of both cattle hides and skins that bufaline ovo-goat domestic and foreign (both killed in Italy, which purchased Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo).

S’incrementa the export of skins ovo-goat in Spain and Turkey since 2003 in China and other Asian countries, including cattle hides and bufaline and employees and create synergies with other similar companies.

In the second half of 2004 the company has started with men and technical experts in the field already, working in wet-blue hides and skins and raw sheep dry and salamoiate in Tannery department with a ‘river’ of four bottali from 4.18 x4, 36, four bottali from 3.50 x3, 50, and one from 2×2, calcinaio and tanning, a dissalatore, a scarnatrice for cattle hides, skins for two scarnatrici ovo-goat for fur, solforatrice, delanatrice, press veal and sheepskin with stacker, misuratrici electronic, imballatrici, chains and airlines transfer and a purification plant physical and chemical-biological ed’impianti abatement of fumes and odors, even the latter, advanced and modern technology.

The potential, when fully implemented, is to work 200/220 q.li of cattle hides and 2500/3000 adult sheep per day and much will happen in a short time.

Therefore, in addition to the production and marketing of all kinds of cattle hides and raw bufaline both for decoration and for footwear, leather raw sheep and goat domestic and foreign furskins, nappa, for guanteria for footwear and apparel, the Company produces skins in wet-blue veal full thickness and sheep also for fur.

Currently, besides producing their own, the company also is examining the possibility of working for others, after careful selection of customers.

The total investment so far and cost around seven million euros and IZZO skins, Inc. has no intention of stopping so much so that it has already acquired another concession building and has already initiated the creation, alongside the existing one, a new industrial complex of comparable size, with innovative production technologies and other cold rooms with chains automated transfer goods.
This work are be completed in the end of 2008.